shoe repaired by  cobblers richmond

We can mend your shoes to the highest quality, using the finest materials, the best craftmanship, and at a cost effective price.

worn shoes in richmond
shoe repaired with best material

reapired bag richmond

Your bag is an essential part of your daily life and gets a lot wear and tear, bring your item in for an essential repair , and give it a much needed new lease of life.

torn leather bag repair
leather bag repair richmond

broken boot zip

For your boots we can repair those things that commonly 'go wrong' with boots - that is zips and heels , we can also alter and reshape your boots.

fixed boot zip
boot zip repaired

Key Cutting

multi key types

Got a key problem, no problem, bring a key of any kind in and we will sort it out for you right away.

Watch repairs

multi watch straps
Got a watch, whose battery or strap wants replacing. We have a large range of straps and batteries in stock for you

Engraving services

glass engraved

Want an item engraved for those special occasions and memories, bring it in to us for an appraisal and pricing and estimate of the time it will take